New endemic treefrog species from Ruvu South Forest Reserve, Tanzania

I recently wrote a paper with my colleagues at the University of Basel and collaborators in Tanzania Forest Conservation Group and the Field Museum of Chicago describing a new endemic species of Hyperolius treefrog from Ruvu South Forest Reserve near Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The species is a member of the Hyperolius spinigularis (spiny throated reed frog) complex and is the first lowland member of an otherwise East African montane clade.Fig 3A.png  Fig 3B.png

Dorsal and ventral views of the holotype of Hyperolius ruvuensis (BMNH.2002.410), held at the Natural History Museum, London.


Although the reserve is well known the species is extremely rare, having been collected only once in 2001 (four individuals). The reserve has been subjected to severe deforestation, so the discovery of this new (and probably critically endangered) species highlights the need for further conservation attention, not only in Ruvu South Forest Reserve but more broadly across the East African coastal forest belt.

The paper is in press in the Herpetological Journal, expected to be published later this year. A pre-press version of the accepted article is available here.

Fig 4.png
The species is known from Ruvu South Forest Reserve in Tanzania (yellow circle), and has never been found anywhere else.


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