Yunnan province, PR China

I just got back from China where I gave a couple of invited talks on my PhD research and recent projects in the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden and the Kunming Institute of Botany. Though they are primarily botanical research institutes there are many ecologists and evolutionary biologists working there on many interesting questions about biodiversity changes over deep timescales which fits in nicely with my PhD work in Africa.

Though it was mainly work, I managed to visit some interesting sights – the Wangtinshu sky tree park, containing patches of ancient tropical forest up to a canopy height of 80m, and the Yunnan stone forest (Shilin), which contains huge monoliths of limestone from the Permian (up to 300 million years old!) that have been gradually eroded by rainfall to leave the impression of a forest made from stone. Many thanks to Prof. Xing Yaowu and his Biogeography and Ecology Group for hosting me and making me welcome on my first visit to this beautiful part of tropical China!

P1130726.JPG20170816_131631.jpg P1130729.JPG.20170816_140405.jpg


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