Shimba Hills, Kenya – new amphibian checklist!

My colleague Beryl Bwong‘s paper just came out in the Journal of East African Natural History synthesising all current knowledge of amphibian diversity in the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kenya based on existing data and comprehensive recent sampling. This is the first comprehensive amphibian checklist for the Shimba Hills, home to large populations of elephants and other game, including the only known population of Sable antelope in Kenya. The paper describes 30 amphibian species from Shimba Hills, placing it as one of the hotspots of amphibian diversity in Kenya. Although this special place is currently protected and reasonably well known, this work adds further evidence to its importance for biodiversity conservation in coastal Kenya.

DSCN4464.JPG  DSCN4542.JPG callulina_sp.png  rubro.png

Fig. 1. Clockwise from top left – wetland and forest habitats within Shimba Hills, the endemic treefrog Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus and a recently re-discovered Brevicipitid frog which has not been observed in this reserve since 1961 (Callulina cf. kreffti.). Photos by Beryl Akoth Bwong.

I spent three years working together with Beryl at the University of Basel where we both completed our PhDs, and I’m happy to see this collaboration published and used for future safeguarding of the Shimba Hills. Congratulations Beryl, and for your ongoing and future work with the National Museums of Kenya!

You can access a PDF of the paper here.

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