ATBC 2019 Madagascar

I recently got back from a trip to the Indian Ocean with my family where I travelled to Madagascar to attend the 56th annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation. It was my first time in Madagascar, one of the world’s foremost biodiversity hotspots, my forest experience at a ATBC conference with lots of tropical diversity and conservation (as you would expect from the name…).

I co-organised a symposium there with Renske Onstein entitled “Broad-scale determinants of tropical diversification and community assembly”, and we had some great speakers who spoke about micro- and macro-evolution across the neotropics, Africa and Australia. Many thanks to Dan Rosauer, Andrea Paz, Flavia Pezzini, Lucia Lohman, Caroline Lehmann and Paul Fine for agreeing to speak about their interesting work in our symposium and making it a huge success. Also thanks to the conference organisers for a fantastically organised programme!

45434238_2119895931672600_7277861854469160960_o.png         EA8YDSuVAAAh2mq.jpg


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