Side projects

Aside from my PhD and Postdoc projects I have been and am involved in numerous collaborations and supervision. Some of these are listed below.


  • The description of a new and critically endangered frog species from Tanzania (here).
  • The compilation of an amphibian checklist for Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenya (here).
  • Large-scale collaborative efforts on African amphibian evolution/biogeographical studies (here, here, here, here, here, and here)
  • The effects of missing data on phylogenetic inference using short read high-throughput (RAD-seq) data (here)
  • How environmental variability in chimpanzee habitats has a positive influence on behavioural diversity (here)
  • Recent connectivity between chimpanzee populations and subspecies across Africa (here)


  • Peripatric speciation in an African forest toad (in preparation).
  • The genomic consequences of megafaunal frugivore extinctions on the palms of Madagascar – project summary here
  • Evolutionary ecology of the mangrove species Lumnitzera across its range and the role of connectivity and isolation in phylogeographic patterns – project summary here
  • Mechanisms of rapid evolution in native and non-native populations of the invasive weed Conyza canadensis – project summary here
  • The impact of new genetic information on species vulnerability to global change: using the African elephant as a case study