I use a combination of spatial, phylogenetic and genomic analyses to answer my research questions. I do this mainly using custom pipelines I build in R, Python, Perl and Unix, but sometimes standard software, see below for a brief taste of the kinds of off the shelf software I use.

My main area of bioinformatic expertise is RAD-seq datasets but I am currently working with targeted exon capture and chromosomal data for chimpanzees ,

Software/packages: ArcGIS, qGIS, SDMToolbox, Raster, Spdep, Glmulti, Mumin, Maxent, sdm, Biodiverse, BEAST, RAxML, MrBayes, Stacks, pyRAD, ∂a∂i, EEMS, Structure, Admixture, Adegenet, FastStructure, TreeMix, diyABC, SNAPP, SVDQuartets, bcftools, ANGSD